About MetaLoc

MetaLoc is a unique web application which can revolutionize the way people see, search for, and find the assets in your collection. If you have a collection of assets of any type where location is of  relevance, then MetaLoc  may be the perfect solution.

  • MetaLoc takes the metadata you have for the items in your collection or archive – these may be images, sounds, footage – absolutely anything
  • MetaLoc then looks at the data and tries to find the relevant location for each item – this process (called ‘geocoding’) is central to the way MetaLoc works, and the MetaLoc geocoders have been constructed to be extremely effective and are quite unique.
  • MetaLoc is optimised for your archive, so that new additions can easily and quickly be added – MetaLoc can process thousands of records in minutes.
  • An admin function allows you to specify the level of geocoding required and to monitor and diagnose all geocoding activity.
  • MetaLoc then presents the geolocation data by showing your archive on a map, so that users can find what they want by simply scrolling and clicking – of course they can use a text search as well. The map can be customised for your site, so that everything fits perfectly with your design.
  • Lastly, MetaLoc also looks in Wikipedia for useful key words and other information which can help you locate what you want – this data is integrated into the MetaLoc search engine.

So if, for instance, you have a database of images or footage, then MetaLoc can use the data you already have to process this and generate a map interface which your users can use to find and research your collection. Maybe you have news items from a region or country, or even artefacts from an archaelogical dig – if your collection runs to hundreds or even millions of items, MetaLoc can help you put your assets on the map.

Click here to see a live demo.

The user interface features a configurable map with the assets marked – the detail window can contain hyperlinks to your own detail pages

In the Admin section, data upload and details can be monitored and adjusted

MetaLoc uses its own geocoding system which can be optimised for individual clients. It also features an admin section which can be completely customised to determine the required accuracy. The MetaLoc results are then displayed in a map which can be easily embedded in your site as required.

If you would like further information or if you would like a demonstration, please contact Colin Mills at colin.mills@skyworks.co.uk